Activity C3. Meeting in Kavala, Greece

Our third meeting took place in Kavala (Greece). The visit, together with all the activities arranged by the Greek team, met the expectations we had by far. Besides, we were lucky to have an incredible weather.

After a warm welcome on Saturday evening, we began our work on Monday with a visit to the school facilities and a cooperative work in groups right afterwards. The students were allowed some time to prepare the different sections of a dossier dealing with general aspects of Energy production.

On Tuesday, we took a bus to visit the Thesaurus Hydroelectric plant and dam. After that, we enjoyed a birds of prey exhibit and finally had lunch in Kelafari, an idyllic setting by the river.

We went on a tour around the city on Wednesday and were welcomed by the authorities at the office of the Vice Regional Governor in the afternoon.

Thursday was our second working day and consisted of a visit to the “Renewable Energy Laboratory” in the Technological Institute of Kavala. There, we learnt about the costs and components of solar panels and wind turbines. The teachers meeting took place after the visit, back at school. Finally, at the end of the day, we had time for the students’ presentations. The Spanish team, in particular, showed a video-documentary about Global Warming that two of our students had made themselves and finished off by talking and showing a photo report about their visit to the Experimental Wind Power Station in Sotavento (Galicia).

On Friday, the final day, we visited the ancient city of Philippi, the largest archeological complex of Northern Greece, founded by King Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great. And we also saw the Baptistery of St. Lydia. There, we had a guide who explained to us in detail the historical aspects of the site. It was fascinating.

The farewell dinner party in the evening put an end to the Programme. Many felt sorry to leave but we all came back with an spirit of satisfiaction with work well accomplished and great memories from Kavala and our great hosts there.

Thanks to Liliana (teacher from Poland), we can see a video of the meeting.

All activities developed, see page Activities (“Activity C3. ENVIROMENTAL EDUCATION: THE IMPORTANCE OF WIND AND SUN IN OUR COUNTRIES. “)

“City, Energy and Efficiency” Forum. Spain

María Barrero, Alicia Ferrero, José Carlos Gil, Álvaro Gracia, Carla Jiménez, Carlos Matías, Paula Mendoza, Yago Moreno, Lucía Pérez, and Irene Talavera, students participanting in the Erasmus + project, had the opportunity to attend the “City, energy and efficiency” Forum organized by Aupex, Aexcid and the Citizenship Foundation.
In the plenary hall of the City Hall, and throughout the morning of October 30, they were able to attend to three very interesting lectures related to consumption and energy efficiency, renewable energy and possible solutions to climate change, by D Cosme Segador (Director of the Extremadura Energy Agency), Ms. Lorena Rodríguez (member of the Regional Council of Environmental Education in Extremadura), and Mr. Abel Periáñez (founder of the E-motion company).
You can see all the presentations and the subsequent debate on the Aupex website,, specifically at