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Activity P3. Visit to Reciclyng Center. Czech Republic

Students from Prague visited a reciclyng center with their teachers Dalila Durcakova and Ivana Svagrová in Chrášťany on 23 April. The same day they also participated in the event  called “Earth Day 2019“. There the students participated in some games and activities focused on the themes which are also part of our project.


Activity P3. Visit to Sotavento (Galicia)

From April 1 to April 3, students of Technology and Technology teachers (Montaña Rodríguez and Antonio Salas) have visited the Experimental Wind Power Station in Sotavento (Galicia, Spain).

Sotavento Galicia, S.A. was established in 1997 and promoted by the Government of Galicia. This partnership created the Sotavento Experimental Wind Farm, a unique facility that, besides having common business objectives such as projects, should make additional efforts focused on three areas: investigation, education-information and training.

Three days of enriching activities on the knowledge of this Renewable Energy (see Activities page in left side menu: Activity P3).