Partner 2: Greece

1st Workshop Centre of Kavala

1st Workshop Centre of Kavala (1st EK Kavalas) supports the workshops and laboratories in the technical and vocational schools in the city of Kavala, organizes seminars for teachers in various specialties and educational students visits to factories and enterprises.

The aim of 1st EK Kavalas is to supply a perfect laboratory training for students in fully organized workshops in which students of all disciplines receive proper technique and laboratory training, so upon graduation to be able to practice with success to integrate smoothly into society, to be productive and to contribute in the development of the Greek economy.
Also 1st EK Kavalas ensures the integration of graduates in the labor market, informs students about: education and labor market training, professional rights, education and employment, education graduate options, programs of the European Union.

1st EK Kavalas also:

  1. Provides awareness to the students on careers and occupations.
  2. Identifies and utilize personal values.
  3. Promotes aptitudes and interests.
  4. Exploits the opportunities and improve weaknesses.
  5. Improves students “ability in making decisions” related to their careers.
  6. Attracts the students in the type of studies and specializations offered.
  7. Prepares students in the local and European labor market.
  8. Encourages every initiative on innovation, new technologies and entrepreneurship creation.
  9. Uses the workshops & laboratories for the teachers’ lifelong learning educational system.

Our school, offers to our students opportunities, which would help to obtain vocations according to the employment policies parallel to economic development, through our educational programs.

We prepare also the students to get to the job market or to continue to the University.

Our WebPage : 1st Workshop Center of Kavala (1st EK Kavalas)

Project Erasmus+ Coordinator: IES El Brocense, Cáceres, Spain. 2018-2020

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