Partner 3: Italy

Secondary School Polo CARLO URBANIMarche, Italy

The “CARLO URBANI” Secondary School is one of the most recent schools set up in Fermo province, The Marches region, Italy. This area is famous for its shoe factories. Recently, because of an economic crisis, it is trying to start a new challenge with tourism. In fact, our town is also a seaside resort, stretching along the Adriatic Sea, not far from the towns of Ancona and Pescara.

Students attending this school study to become accountants, managers, chefs, barmen, waiters, receptionists or healthcare operators; there is also a course specialising in scientific subjects and sports.

The main building is situated in the town of Porto Sant’Elpidio (about 27.000 inhabitants); other two buildings are located in Sant’Elpidio a Mare (17.000 inhabitants) and Montegiorgio (7.000 inhabitants).

In Porto Sant’Elpidio there are 18 classes belonging to the Scientific High school, 19 to the Hotel and Catering school and 8 to the Accounting school. In Sant’Elpidio a Mare there are 18 classes belonging to the Hotel and Catering school along with the Healthcare school; in Montegiorgio there are 10 classes in the Scientific High school and 5 in the Accounting school.  In the Scientific High school students can choose between a traditional, scientific and sporting education. Lessons are starting on 17th September and finishing on 8th of June.

In our school, English and French languages are compulsory in the first two years, then students can choose to study an additional language between Spanish and German.

In this school year, there are about 1400 students enrolled and more than 100 teachers working in our school. We have been taking part in the Erasmus Plus project in the last school years by hosting students coming from Varna (Bulgaria). A twin project was also realized in 2009 with a school in Slovakia and we have been collaborating with a school in Prague for several years, (the same school is a partner of this project).

In our school there is a canteen where students can have lunch; it’s also used by our Hotel and Catering school students for practising.

Our students practise a lot of sports:  football, basketball, handball, volleyball and gymnastics.

We don’t wear uniforms but our own clothes; however, in the Hotel and Catering school students wear a uniform during their practical lessons.

We have from 5 to 7 hours of lessons a day, from Monday to Friday.

We are interested in being involved in this international project in order to improve the language skills of our students.

Project Erasmus+ Coordinator: IES El Brocense, Cáceres, Spain. 2018-2020

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