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Activity C2. Meeting in Prague…

The Erasmus + transnational meetings provide an unparalleled opportunity for our students to enjoy a unique experience. They not only visit a European city, guided by fellow hosts of the same age, but also live with boys and girls from the 5 countries that are part of the project, with whom they share work time at the institute and leisure time.
In addition, all students who participate in these projects must present a paper in front of their classmates, and they must do so in English. It is a challenge for them, and it is very satisfying to see how they face it and how they enjoy the experience.

Our second meeting took place in Prague. It was a really good experience, where all the students talked about the use of electric cars, about the bioclimatic arquitecture, and about the different energetic policies in each country (see Activities page in left side menu: Activity P17, Activity P16, Activity P18, Activity P4 and Activity C2).

But it was not all work. We visited the 5 synagogues that make up the “Jewish Museum” of the city, we visited the castle and the Cathedral of San Vito, we enjoyed the work of Alfons Muha in the museum that bears his name, and we had the privilege of being received by the Councilman of Education of Prague in the old Town Hall of the city, located in the emblematic building that contains the famous clock tower.