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Activity C5. Meeting in Warsaw, Poland

From the second to the eighth of February we traveled to Warsaw. This was the third international meeting of our Erasmus Project. On Sunday evening we had a welcome dinner at a typical Polish restaurant where we met our partners from Greece, Italy, Poland and Czech Republic.

On Monday we visited the school and met all the students and teachers involved in the project who had traveled to Warsaw. The Physics teacher organized a workshop with students about how to produce energy, it was easier to ones than to others, but everybody enjoyed the activity. Meanwhile teachers met to discuss the work done in our project. We had lunch at the school canteen and had free time in the afternoon..

On Tuesday we met at the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, where we listened to a speech about its work and aims; this fund has almost 31 years of experience in financing environmental and energy projects. Later we took part in a city game to know the old town.

We had the chance to know the passive house on Wednesday and listen to the explanation given by its creator. He talked to us about how the house had been designed to save and preserve the energy inside.

Students and teachers spent Thursday at school, where students exposed their presentations about the subject of the project: how do we get energy, environmental impact, power plants, future ways of producing energy… (see Activities Page, Activity C5).

Also, we have made video-conference with our partners…

On Friday we had a meeting with a member of the Polish government in the Parliament. He was the Treasury Minister, who was very interested in renewable energy, and discussed it with us. At six we had an early dinner all together, we were given our Erasmus certificates and had the opportunity to say goodbye to all our partners and students who had shared this unforgettable experience. We all left to our countries on Saturday.

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Video made by our Polish partners